Special Interest Groups

TESOLANZ has always tried to cater for the varied needs of its members. Working in ESOL means that you could be teaching in early childhood centres, primary, intermediate and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, private language schools, government departments, PTE’s, community schools, English Language Partners (formerly National Association of ESOL Home Tutors), etc. While it is not possible to have support groups for all of the above, special interest groups have been operating successfully for primary and secondary teachers while tertiary members have been able to communicate through a mailing-list.

TESOLANZ has had a significant role in recent developments impacting on ESOL students. We are increasingly recognised by NZQA and the Ministry of Education as the voice of New Zealand TESOL. TESOLANZ was represented on the panel that developed the New Zealand Certificates in English Language - national qualifications to replace the current locally developed certificates. Pressure from TESOLANZ also opened official eyes to the need for an alternative more appropriate pathway to university entrance literacy for English language learners.

If you are interested in learning more about your sector or being more active, check under the appropriate page and contact the sector leader.

Breda Mathews
Sector Liaison
TESOLANZ Executive

Read here what is involved in being a Special Interest Group Co-ordinator: TESOLANZ Job Descriptions.

2008 AGM Sector Liaison Report

2007 AGM Sector Liaison Report

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