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Driving Tests

Dyslexia Decoded
English Language Partners NZ

ESOL Online
International Students NZLINKZ magazine (NZ Immigration)
NZ Literacy Portal
NZ On Screen
Online NZ Resources for ESOL teachers.pdf

The Daily English Show
Workbase literacy & numeracy


Australian College of Journalism blog
Bilingual Monkeys
Breaking News English
British Council publications
Cambridge ESOL
Computing, social media
Dave's ESL Cafe
Don't Give up!
Easy World of English
Effortless English Blog
English Grammar Basics
English Homework Help
English Learning
English learning problems - 10 language flipchart
English OkayEnglish to Go
ESL Learning, Resources
ESL Reviews
Excel Tutorials
Excel 2016 Help

Funky English
How to speak English fluently
IELTS Admissions Test Portal

IELTS practice
IELTS Vocabulary
Illustrate Video Dictionary AppInternet L2 Collective
Informed - common grammatical errors
Instructional Solutions
Journal of Teaching English with Technology
Languages Online
Language Bookings
LanguageCourse Vocab
Larson, Wendy Vocabulary
Learn English Kids


Learn English + Pictures and Audio
Learning Chocolate
Learn Languages on your own
Lexical Tutor, Compleat
Listening Lab Online
Online Tutoring World
Orly's Virtual Classroom
Phonetic Chart + pronunciation
Proofreading Tool
Scrabble word find
Teaching ESL to Adults
Teaching Pronunciation Differently
Test your English now
The Internet TESL Journal
TIRF Research links: UK ESOL
Training for Teachers (Primary)
Trump Excel
Curriculum, levels + plans
Using YouTube
Vacation Guide
Word Learning
Writing Writing Everywhere
Watts English for Children

ESL Reviews
A useful resource for English teachers and students.

A new website with free resources for writing and teaching writing at tertiary level, called "Writing, writing everywhere (WWE).

Word Learning is an English word learning resource. It has high quality word lists and many useful word search tools.

Learn Language through cooking The free Linguacuisine web app helps you learn a language while you're cooking a meal.

Excel tutorials interactive Excel tutorials and practice tests covering Excel Formulas/Functions, Keyboard Shortcuts, and VBA
Languages Online This is a blog dedicated to learning languages online. I have focused on the best language apps, online tutoring and in-depth reviews of these websites. As this is an on-going project I will be listing individual languages soon and also looking more at language exchanges.
Instructional solutions Instructional Solutions has a vast collection of blog posts dedicated to non-native speakers of English. They cover practical topics including writing emails, letters, using nominalizations and using idioms.

ESOL lesson ideas site offers high quality professional worksheets, lesson plans, lesson ideas, games etc for English teachers. There are also free worksheets that can be downloaded, and in addition a free lesson is emailed each week to people who register (registration is free).

Excel 2016 help is updated for Excel 2016, includes a free sample file, and explains everything step-by-step.

Grammar checking We provide a grammar check service at is an online platform where one can learn languages. We connect tutors and students who want to learn different languages through Skype.

IELTS Vocabulary

This is a comprehensive guide to IELTS Vocabulary which includes very extensive lists, TED talks, exercises and even flashcards to help students improve their lexical resource.

GrammarCheck Grammarcheck has a section that contains lessons on grammar rules, common confusions and alternatives to overused words as well as academic and creative writing tips.

Scrabble Word Help Wordfinder for scrabble and also improve vocabulary.

Using YouTube in Ppt

Some free how-to guides can be found here including adding YouTube videos into a PowerPoint document.

Proofreading is an online editing and proofreading company. They have just published an article, The Best Way to Learn a Language
Writing is a comic generator that educators use to encourage their students to practice their language skills by creating comic strips stories. The site also offers hundreds of free printables and e-books to encourage writing, as well as a writing blog,
Grammar resources 100 English Grammar Resources for Effective Learning and Fun

LINKZ magazine


Have you recently moved to New Zealand? You can sign up for a two-year subscription to LINKZ magazine, offered free to new residents. LINKZ features stories about new migrants to New Zealand and general information to help newcomers and their families settle successfully. It is published four times a year.

LINKZ is also available online and has many useful articles about settling in New Zealand.

verb conjugations

CoolJugator provides verb conjugations, grammatical information and example sentences in English and over 35 other languages, including both rare and widespread ones. As such, CoolJugator helps both learners of English and speakers of English who are trying to communicate in other languages by allowing them to quickly find the correct word form and learn about its usage.

Reading books for new arrivals There's a free reader at a very simple level, called 'My Job is the Best' at this link: There is also a spelling workbook that is available.
Learn a Language on your own
Some interesting tips on writing and information on available courses.

Writing a best seller

Improving your writing

Proofreading Tool This online editor is a proofreading tool designed for students, writers, teachers, and other professionals:
Grammar check
How to Speak English Fluently How to Speak English Fluently

34 experts offer their tips for English fluency.


Find IELTS test dates in more than 500 locations world-wide

AdmissionTestPortal lists more than 500 IELTS test locations in more than 100 countries world-wide. Besides test fees and upcoming test dates, our city pages also list more than 7,000 universities that accept the IELTS language certificate as proof of English language proficiency. Find a IELTS test in or nearby your city by using the search field above.

We offer a fully illustrated Excel tutorial (including VBA programming) + 300 examples. An important skill in many jobs. It's 100% free.

Driving Tests - a free website recommended by Immigration NZ, Tourism NZ, Literacy Aotearoa and other agencies to help people learn the Road Code. It's a free resource and it's used by many immigration agents, teachers, schools, the military, Saint John's Ambulance, NZ Police and more. ESOL teachers use it with private students as it's a double-whammy: they learn the road rules, and improve their English.

English Homework Help Resource Guide

English Homework Help Resource Guide

English homework can be daunting. Reading assigned texts, compiling research, writing papers, and creating projects are all par for the course. Don’t panic if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by English homework assignments. You may find just about all the resources you need by looking through this guide. There are tools to help make sure you’re following the fundamentals, digitized versions of reference texts, help with writing, and even opportunities for tutoring. You’ll find all these things and more on the sites and pages collected here.

MAKE BELIEFS Launches New ESOL Section for Educators has launched a new ESOL teacher resource section to help students who are learning English or improving their literacy skills. (See )

The new ESOL features from the free online comic strip generator include:

.Publication of a free e-book, ''Something to Write About: Writing Prompts for English Language Learners and Literacy Students.'' (Download at )

.FILL-ins - short, quick fun writing prompts for students to complete. (See )

.Printables that encourage writing and conversation. (See )

.Comic Strip Starters - comic templates to quick-start students' creating comic strips and which also serve as conversation starters. Print and distribute them among two-person teams. (See )

.Class activities to help English language learners express themselves. These include making paper memory quilts in which students draw quilt panels and talk about their memories; creating autobiographical comic strips; teaching students how to interview one another to learn about one another's lives. (See )

.Lesson plans written by ESOL professionals and demonstration videos for using comics in the classroom. (See )

Please review the new ESOL section, try it out with your students, and give us your feedback ( I hope you will share what we are offering with your colleagues, too.

Flip Chart - English learning problems for 10 languages

Increasing teachers’ knowledge of ELL’s linguistic and cultural backgrounds through the use of a flip chart describing the differences between English and ten languages: Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, French, Karen, Korean, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Thesis by Amy-Catherine Cunningham


Many school projects require you to use images but, before you download something from the Internet, make sure you understand its copyright status. Copyright violations are serious crimes, and many copyright holders, especially corporations and government organisations, will pursue litigation to protect their intellectual property. This guide will delve into copyright law in plain English so that you can stay on the right side of the law.

A compilation of some of the most common mistakes people make every day when it comes to English mechanics, along with some tips for getting it right.

Useful tips for higher level writers.

I will help you learning the English language step by step. All resources that I can find will be put on this website to enable you learning English online. Study English Grammar to be able to construct sentences correctly.

Illustrate - The Video Dictionary

Illustrate - The Video Dictionary

This app is available on iOS App Store, Google Play Store. and Windows Phone Store.



TAT's EL Curriculum Library has been updated with more than 250 teacher-modified curriculum units across all subjects for English learners in grades K-12. Visit our Curriculum Library for Educators to search our database by grade or subject.

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Etv - a great site for listening resources. Videos are described by subject and age level, and can be shared or downloaded. Legally available for educational use. Just don't use Internet Explorer!

IRIS is a collection of instruments, materials and stimuli used to elicit data for research into second and foreign languages. Materials are freely accessible and searchable, easy to upload (for contributions) and download (for use).

Reading at various level - clozes - audio (mechanical!) - videos with subtitles - listening resources - more. A Spanish site with lots of amusing Spanish translations.

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Ghent university

Ghent university Center for Reading Research

Word test

How many English words do you know? With this test you get a valid estimate of your English vocabulary size within 4 minutes and you help scientific research.

ESL Learning advice and resources

We’ve asked some of the best and most active English as a Second Language teachers and bloggers out there to answer three questions about learning languages. Also, our team did deep research online to find some of the best resources to help you learn the English language more easily. The online resources section, located after the expert Q&As, includes free resources for English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling exercises, great resources on reading and writing in English, a list of websites that have collections of English slang and idioms, ESL practice worksheets, ESL podcasts, and ESL YouTube channels. Enjoy!
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A Foreigner's Vacation Guide To The English Language

This page provides useful links to a range of website on the various skills, spelling and phrases. Thanks to Karen + niece.

Funky English is a social network for English language learners.We feature free ESL activities including - listening exercises, quizzes,discussions, grammar lessons, ESL blogs, idioms and slang. Funky English is 100% free for English learners.

The site name, elllo, stands for English Listening Library Online. Elllo offers free listening activities for students learning English as another language. Currently there are over 2000 listening activities on the site (including some New Zealand interviews).

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An online dictionary site, with the definitions and synonyms for hundreds of thousands of English words. Includes an online anagram solver and check a word tool. A - Z Dictionary,define a word, anagram solver, check a word, scrabble word finder, scrabblehelp, scrabble word solver, scrabble solver

Language Bookings is a community marketplace for students to discover and book language courses and student accommodation around the world. It was created to help students find, compare and reserve language travel packages worldwide. The service is free.

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British Council


Access to the British Council's growing collection of ELT publications - The full pdfs are there, freely accessible and downloadable. Mostly teacher development but also classroom activities.



We offer a comprehensive corpus of 5000 words and hundreds of phrases in over 30 different languages completely free. All words are presented with audio images, and with progressive intervals of repetition that ensure optimum retention.

99 Top Online College Student Resources at

English to Go
The well-known English-to-Go site has some free resources too.

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This site has a list of other useful sites and resources to try out.

Bilingual Monkeys

Bilingual Monkeys offers strategies and support for busy parents seeking to foster good bilingual ability in their children. The goal of nurturing good bilingual ability—and particularly, good reading and writing ability—is a big challenge for any parent. Provides practical ideas and inspiration to help you meet the challenges

Dave's ESL Cafe

Dave Sperling's ESL cafe - The most famous clearing house for everything ESL!

Orly's virtual classroom

Orly's virtual classroom for students and teachers

Free computing and social media skills resources for adult literacy learners (Can)

This set of workbooks with lesson plans were produced by the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. Each lesson is 3 hours long. Topics include: Getting to know your computer, caring for your computer, working with photos, using Skype, using Facebook, and shopping online. These resources will be useful for a range of learners in a variety of contexts.

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Free print and online resources for the New Zealand adult education sector (NZ)

The Workbase Library contains 10,000 print and multimedia adult literacy, language and numeracy resources. Joining the library and borrowing resources is free for adult educators living in New Zealand. All resources are listed in the online catalogue and can be requested online, by phone or email.

The International Research Foundation for English Language Education

A wide range of links and information.

Dyslexia Decoded

The seven video clips on dyslexia accompany the book Dyslexia Decoded: What it is, what it isn’t, and what you can do about it (Dymock & Nicholson, 2012).

The video clips include commentary on dyslexia by academics, literacy and workplace specialists, and adults with dyslexia. The clips have been produced primarily for literacy and vocational educators with the overall aim of raising awareness about dyslexia.

Welcome to Cambridge ESOL Teacher Support

We have a wide range of free teaching resources and information to support ESOL teachers throughout the world. Register for a free account to download lesson plans, worksheets, games, classroom activities and join our lively teacher community.

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Exam English

Free IELTS practice

Easy World of

Free online English language learning tool for ESOL and literacy tutors

Easy World of English is an online English language learning tool aimed at literacy and beginner / intermediate ESOL learners. It consists of four modules: grammar, reading, pronunciation and a picture dictionary. The resources are divided into three levels and by topic. The picture dictionary will be especially useful for literacy learners (even though it has some obvious omissions). Register for free to gain access.

This site hosts the Internet Second Language Collective, a file-swapping community of ESL, FLE, ELE and DAF, Portuguese and Russian teachers sharing free, downloadable language-teaching materials. All printables are originally created by our members, and are in fully editable doc/ppt formats. Launched in September 2009, our resource library now includes over 20000 worksheets, and is growing by the day.

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Sound Foundations

Phonetic Chart from Sound Foundations with pronunciation of sounds and example words


This website is designed for people learning English who have to write argument or opinion essays for tests such as IELTS, TOEIC or TWE..

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The Internet TESL Journal

For Teachers of English
as a Second Language

The Internet TESL Journal- Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links

Activities for ESL Students- Free online quizzes, exercises and puzzles to help you study English

Dedicated to helping you understand English Idioms

NZ On Screen is a treasure trove of New Zealand television, film and music videos. There is a large range of locally produced material available including film trailers, documentaries, short films, and interviews with key figures working within the industry.

Digistore supports educators to use NZ on Screen resources. One of the advantages of viewing details about the resource from within Digistore, is that educators are provided with an overview of the educational value of that resource. The Digi Advisor contact details are: Rochelle Jensen and Suzie Vesper

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The Daily English Show describes itself as the world's first daily online English language show. It is produced by "studio tdes‟ and presented by Sarah, a Kiwi based in Auckland, New Zealand. There is plenty of video material on aspects of kiwi life, with accompanying written text, including a huge amount in the archives (scroll down).

Journal of Teaching English with Technology - back issues available free with lots of useful articles and free resources.

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TESL Canada Journal

Articles older than two years are available free online.

Wendy W Larson: Vocabulary

Vocabulary Games

Sample words for teaching vocabulary

Resources from CLESOL: Wendy Whitaker Larson

Compleat Lexical Tutor

Vocabulary! Lots of lexical tests in English and French.

Welcome to Learning Chocolate! This web site aims to help students to memorise vocabulary in an easy and efficient way, by using pictures, sounds and games. Try our games and enjoy learning, like eating chocolate.



English as a second language

The goal of this site is to help people learn English as a foreign language.

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Pat Syme

Free Listening in English

for New Zealand migrants and others who speak English as a second language

  • find listening difficult
  • can’t understand TV and radio news
  • want to know what is happening in New Zealand
  • want to feel part of New Zealand society

Listen to New Zealand news, spoken slowly and clearly, using easy vocabulary.

LORO is a collection of resources to support language teaching and learning. Some of the materials in LORO have been specifically designed to support Open University Language courses (UK) and are deposited in LORO as Open Educational Resources to be adapted and re-used freely in any context. You are welcome to deposit your own resources into LORO to store them as your personal resources, to share them with your colleagues within the OU community or with the external language community. You can browse and search for any language teaching materials, and once you have found what you are looking for, any material can be re-used, adapted, or re-purposed for your own needs

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Teaching ESL to Adults

An ESL tutor's website with resources for teaching adults ESL, including lesson plans, grammar tips, cloze exercises, English pronunciation tips, and ESL textbook evaluations.

NewsFlash English was created by professional English teachers and aims to be the ultimate resource for ESL and TEFL teachers, offering free lesson plans every Monday, based on the latest news. Each lesson plan comes complete with texts and dozens of exercises that you're free to mix and match to suit your group of English learners. All our lesson plans are free for you to download and print, no registration required!

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ALISON is a UK site with a wide range of free online learning resources. You have to register for the site (it is free) and after that you can access the courses. Some of them are not relevant to the New Zealand context but new courses are being added all the time. It includes over 400 hours of free English Language Courseware in partnership with the British Council


Online NZ Resources for ESOL teachers

Tutor resources from English Language Partners

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Don't Give Up!

Don't Give Up! Is a European Union language project that has written a book of 48 best practices for every level of language educators (schools, managers, teachers). The best practices will help improve the motivation and the results of language courses for adult learners.

International Student Podcast

This is a free resource aimed at helping students to develop their listening, reading, vocabulary and knowledge of academic research and New Zealand culture. There are more than 250 programmes on a wide range of topics, including science, management, history and sociology. Each programme has listening practice of about 15 minutes, together with text, photos and links on the page. In addition, there are tasks and supporting vocabulary for news reports and online interviews with local and international experts in their fields.

Learn English with Pictures and Audio

Learn English with Pictures and Audio (US)
This website is a free, online resource to learn English words in a fun way. The site has over 400 words and photographs, ranging from animals to kitchen appliances. Beneath each photograph, there is an audio button to click and hear the word.

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Te Kete Ipurangi

TKI is a bilingual portal-plus web community which provides quality assured educational material for New Zealand teachers, school managers, and the wider education community.

Specific secondary resources for ESOL can be found at the ESOL Teacher Resource Exchange.

ESOL Online is the community for primary and secondary teachers of English language learners in New Zealand. It includes discussion groups for teachers, the latest resources from the Ministry of Education and elsewhere, selected research and readings and a teacher resource exchange. ESOL Online is managed by Cognition Education ( for the Ministry of Education.

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TKI Assessment: You will find information about all aspects of assessment, including research and readings, online workshops, new assessment tools and resources.

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun - a vocabulary oriented site that aims to be educational, fun, simple to use and friendly.


Breaking News English - Ready-to-use EFL / ESL lesson plans based on current affairs. Graded news articles, listenings and communicative activities uploaded daily. [Really good reading listening passages!! - Marty]

Test your English now: Comprehensive test collection for study guidance and placement testing, including reading, listening, grammar and a unique vocabulary test.

Online Tutoring World: This site is for English language teachers interested in online training. It contains 200+ pages of free resources, free worksheets, lesson plans, guides and much more.

The New Zealand Literacy Portal is a rich source of free online information for people interested in adult literacy. It is designed to provide a knowledge base of adult literacy information contributed by both New Zealand and international organisations.

The New Zealand Literacy Portal provides access to:

  • Items on topics including e-literacy, ESOL, financial literacy, health literacy, learning disabilities, literacy, numeracy and Te Reo Maori
  • Practical resources for teachers and learners
  • Resources for professional development
  • Research reports and case studies
  • Journal articles and newsletters
  • Local and international events

ESL Lesson Plans , Materials & Activities

ESL Galaxy offers over 2368 free printable worksheets for ESL lesson plans and ESL Activities; and there are more additions every other day .The worksheets include: Board Games, Crosswords, Grammar worksheets, Vocabulary Worksheets, Theme or Topic lesson plans, Pronunciation, Survival English, Song and Video Activities, Word Search Puzzles, Festivals & Holiday Worksheets, Prefixes/Suffixes Word Formation,ESL conversation & Communicative Activities, Game and Writing Templates, Cloze & gap fill exercises, We also have ESL Games and ideas for ESL Classrooms, PowerPoint downloads, Matching & Collocations, Reading & Writing Exercises, Complete Lesson Plans.

Also: Olympic Games -Beijing 2008, China Worksheets, ESL Grammar & Vocabulary Portal, ESL Downloads: PowerPoint, Video Slides, E-books

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Stickyball ESL Resources. Great Resources for the Frustrated Teacher. Free grammar and phonics worksheets and handouts; ESL dialogues and conversation; adult ESL, plus tons of games, ideas, writing activities, and GEPT ideas.


Descriptionari is an innovative resource for teaching English used:

· By millions of students from over a hundred and forty different countries.

· By teacher training institutions and organizations in the US.

· In UK schools and promoted by educational leaders in the US.

· For creative writing and in other departments at Moscow State University, said by Deputy Dean Mashkina Olga to be a "Very impressive and interesting website with good examples of creative writing."

· By professional authors, script writers and educators.

· By educational and child-focused charities.

· By learners of English as well as native speakers.

American author Steve Peha of "Be A Better Writer" and "Teaching That Makes Sense" says - "I was thrilled to discover Angela Seanor's Descriptonari, the best collection of writerly descriptions I've seen. It's a perfect source of inspiration and technique for the teen writers I write to in my books." It is free to use for educational purposes. The website is called Descriptionari (.com). I hope that it is of use to you and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Angela Seanor, Descriptionari, Founder, Editor, Writer +44 (0) 7949 725205

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