The Wellington branch of the TESOL Association of Aotearoa New Zealand

Chairperson: Nicky Riddiford

Victoria University
PO Box 600
04 463 6471

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WATESOL Committee Members

Kerry Finnigan (Treasurer) Email
Nicky Riddiford (Chair) Email

Back row, left to right: John Taylor, Marianne, Sonja Zander
Front row, left to right: Cathie Cahill, Linda Todd, Nicky Riddiford, Sarah Roper, Jenny Olsen
Absent from photo: Kerry Finnigan, Jinnie Potter, Ha Hoang, Carolyn Tait, Elizabeth Rothwell, Anna Dowling

2019 Calendar of Events

WATESOL Events 2019

Dates and Venues

Topic: Teaching Pronunciation
Speaker: Dr Marty Pilott

April 4th, 3:45-5pm

Wellington High School Staffroom


Keynote speakers

Dr Sara Cotterall:
Title: A pedagogy for academic writing

Dr Rachel Ruegg:
Title: Providing effective feedback on ESL students' writing

June 6th, 4-7pm
Wellington High School


Guest speaker: Associate Professor Averil Coxhead
Title: Word lists: Something old, something new


November 13, 4-5:30pm

Massey University Wellington
Executive Seminar Suite. Map

Friday seminars at Victoria University

See LALS website for details: www.victoria.ac.nz/lals

WATESOL Expo 2019

Expo Presenters: Left to right: Victoria Mitchell, Cathie Cahill, Anna Dowling, Jonathan Harman, Natalia Beliaeva, Le Nguyen, Sara Cotterall, Ha Hoang, Rachael Ruegg.
Absent from photo: Naheen Madarbakus-Ring

WATESOL Expo 2019

Marty Pilott. April 4th 2019

Marty Pilott. Teaching Pronunciation. WATESOL event April 2019

WATESOL Newsletters 2019

Committee meeting: planning WATESOL Expo, 2018

Cathie Cahill, Jenny Olsen, Nicky Riddiford, John Taylor, Sarah Roper, Linda Todd, Elizabeth Rothwell

2018 Calendar of Events

Watesol Events 2018

Dates and venues

Title: The Development of a Cultural Diversity Facilitator: A new role in the secondary and primary school sectors.

Speaker: Angela Bland, ESOL Dept, Riccarton High School, Christchurch.

Click here for report

April 5th, 3:45-5pm

Venue: Massey University Wellington, Executive Seminar Suite (ESS), Block 5.

Click here for map


Keynote speaker: Professor Paul Nation

Title:What should every primary (and secondary) school teacher know about vocabulary?

Click here for Paul Nation's handout

Keynote speaker: Dr Sara Cotterall

Title: Understanding the key ingredients of successful language learning

Click here for Sara Cotterall's PP slides and model of the language learning process

June 14th, 4-6.30pm

Click here for Mini-Expo programme

Venue: Wellington High School

Click here for a report on the mini-Expo


October 4-7th

Venue: Christchurch


Guest speaker: Caro Atkinson, Guidance Leader, Wellington East Girls' College.

Title: A New Place Called Home

The speaker will share some ideas about how we can support our refugees, migrants and new settlers find their place in our schools.

Thursday, November 15th, 4-5.30pm

Venue: Wellington High School library

Friday seminars at Victoria University

See LALS website for details: www.victoria.ac.nz/lals

2018 WATESOL Annual Reports

2018 Newsletters

Photos of AGM Presentation, November 15 2018

Caro Atkinson


WATESOL Members at CLESOL 2018

Photos of Angela Bland's talk, April 5th 2018

Angela in action.

WATESOL Mini-Expo. June 14 2018

Sara Cotterall in action

Paul Nation and Jae Major

2017 Calendar of Events

WATESOL Events 2017

Dates and venues

Supporting language learning in mainstream classes: mainstream teachers share their ideas

Map of Wellington High School

Click on the report here

April 6th, 3:45 - 5pm

Venue: Wellington High School Staff Room


Click here for the Expo programme

Click here for the map of the Massey Wellington campus

Click here for a report on the Expo

Date: 1st July, 2017

Venue: Massey University, Wellington


Presenter: Dr Sandi McCutcheon, Lecturer, School of Education, Victoria University

Title: The ABC of Behaviour Management

Click here for a map of Wellington High School

Date: October 26, 4pm

Venue: Wellington High School staffroom

Friday seminars at Victoria University

See LALS website for details: www.victoria.ac.nz/lals

2017 Annual Reports

WATESOL 2017 Minutes of AGM

WATESOL 2017 Chairperson's annual report

WATESOL 2017 Annual Accounts

Photos of October WATESOL AGM

Marianne Introducing the Speaker

Dr Sandi McCutcheon presenting

AGM Audience Dr Sandi McCutcheon

Nicky Riddiford

Photos of July WATESOL Expo

Expo Presenters

Expo Registration

Jamie Shackleton

Expo Audience Expo Book Display

Helen Tolja and Anne Webster Helen Tolja and Anne Webster

Morning Tea Morning Tea

Averil Coxhead

Jean Arnold, Ha Hoang and Friederike Tegge

Marty Pilott


Pastoral Care Panel
(Lyn House, Joelle Clark and Chris Beard)
Sarah Roper and Marianne

Workshop Participants Workshop Participants

Photos of April Event


WATESOL Committee 2016
Back row: John Taylor, Stephanie Dodd, Jinnie Potter, Cathie Cahill
Front row: Jenny Olsen, Kerry Finnigan, Linda Todd, Nicky Riddiford
Absent from photo: Carolyn Tait

2017 Newsletters

WATESOL Newsletter April 2017

WATESOL Newsletter June 2017

WATESOL Newsletter October 2017

2016 Calendar of Events

WATESOL Events 2016

Dates and venues

May 18th, 4-6.30pm

Keynote speaker: Michel Alkhouri
Title: Syrian Refugees Share Their Stories

Click here for the programme

Map of Wellington High School

Wellington High School
May 18th


July 14-17th

WATESOL AGM, 17 November, 4-5.30pm

Guest speaker: Judith Mason, Victoria University of Wellington.

Title: Transitions: ways teachers could prepare EAL students for university study

Click here for the abstract of the presentation

Click here for the PowerPoint slides

November 17th.
Venue: Wellington High School staffroom

Map of Wellington High School

Friday seminars at Victoria University

See LALS website for details: www.victoria.ac.nz/lals

2016 Annual Reports

WATESOL 2016 Chairperson's Report

WATESOL 2016 Annual Accounts

WATESOL 2016 AGM Minutes

Photos of Mini-Expo

Keynote speakers: Michel Alkhouri, Michel and Katia, Deanne Daysh

Workshop Presenters
Shelley Ashley Audra Lord
Sonia Millett Linda Todd
Jeremy Koay Karen Falconer

WATESOL Audience

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2016 Newsletters

WATESOL Newsletter, April 2016

WATESOL Newsletter. June 2016

WATESOL Newsletter December 2016

WATESOL Committee 2015

WATESOL 2015 committee

Back row: Leith Wallace, Nicky Riddiford, Carolyn Tait

Sitting: Cathie Cahill, Jenny Olsen, Kerry Finnigan, Stephanie Dodd

Absent from photo: Linda Todd, Warwick Isaacs, Jinnie Potter, John Taylor

2015 Calendar of Events

WATESOL Events 2015

Event 1

Wednesday, March 18th


Wellington High School Staffroom

Map of Wellington High School

Title: We're all in this together; supporting English language learners


Carolyn Tait - School of Education Victoria University

Stephanie Dodd - PLD facilitator Mau ki te Ako

Jenny Olsen - Wellington High School

Event 2: WATESOL Expo

Saturday, June 13th.

9am -1:15pm


Venue: Karori Campus, Victoria University, Donald St, Karori

Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Frank Boers

Topic: Repeating a narrative under time pressure (e.g.4/3/2). What is it good for and how can we make it better?

Clickhere for the keynote presentation slides

Workshop presentations:

Using accessible skills-based websites for autonomous study

How to give integrated formative feedback

Can song-based teaching benefit vocabulary learning?

Event 3

Wednesday, 19th August


Wellington High School Library

Topic: Teaching listening and speaking skills to ELLs in secondary school and providing additional support through the use of Apps

Presenter: Linda Todd - Wellington East Girls' College

Event 4

Wednesday, 4 November, 4pm

Wellington High School Library


Presenters: Natalia Petersen and Cherie Connor, English Langauge Institute, Victoria University

Topic: Facilitating Argumentation Skills in an EAP Context

Click here for the presentation PowerPoint slides

Friday seminars at Victoria University

See Lals website for details: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/lals

First seminar, Friday 27 February

2015 Annual Reports

WATESOL 2015 Chairperson's report

WATESOL 2015 Annual Accounts

WATESOL 2015 AGM Minutes

2015 Newsletters

WATESOL Newsletter March 2015

WATESOL Newsletter June 2015

WATESOL Newsletter October 2015

2015 Events

November 4th Presentation and AGM

Presentation: Facilitating Argumentation Skills in an EAP Context

Presenters: Natalia Petersen and Cherie Connor

Clickhere for the abstract

Click here for the presentation slides

Cherie Connor and Natalia Petersen Cherie Connor
Natalia Petersen

August 18th Presentation

Linda Todd: Teaching listening and speaking skills using Apps

Click here for a report on the presentation

March 18 Presentation

We're all in this together; supporting English language learners

PowerPoint slides

Report on March 18 Presentation

Carolyn Tait

Stephanie Dodd

Jenny Olsen

2015 Expo, June 13th

Clickhere for the report on Expo 2015

Expo Photos
Frank Boers
Averil Coxhead
Spot prize winners

2014 Events

AGM - Wednesday, 12 November, 4-5:30pm

Wellington High School (library)

Guest speaker: Julie Luxton, secondary ESOL PLD facilitator for University of Canterbury Education Plus.

Title: 'I get it now': Enhancing Pasifika student writing achievement

AGM Presentation

Mini-Expo - Thursday 15 May -4:15-6:30pm

Mini-Expo Presentation handouts and slides

Anyone for Tennis (PP)
Anyone for Tennis handout
Dealing with Issues of Pronunciation
Making Grammar Fun


Jonathan Newton's keynote address

CLESOL - 10-13 July



WATESOL Newsletter November 2014

WATESOL Newsletter April 2014

WATESOL Expo 2014



WATESOL AGM 2014 Chairperson Report

WATESOL AGM 2014 Minutes

WATESOL AGM 2013 Chairperson Report

WATESOL AGM 2013 Minutes

WATESOL Accounts 2014

WATESOL Accounts 2013

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2013 Events

AGM 2013

John in action John in action 2
Mingling at the AGM 1 Mingling at the AGM 2
Mingling at the AGM 3 Mingling at the AGM 4

WATESOL EXPO 6 July 2013

President's report

Averil Coxhead Frank Boers
Quizlet 1 Morning tea
Presenters More presenters
Spot prizes Spot prizes
Prizewinners Book Displays

WATESOL Events 2013

Fridays from March 1st


LALS Seminars at Victoria University

See LALS website for details

Tuesday April 9


First meeting

Speaker: Breda Matthews.

Teaching, not tools: using on-line tools to accelerate student learning.

Venue: Wellington High School library

Breda Matthews Presentation

Saturday July 6



Plenary Speakers: Frank Boers and Averil Coxhead

Venue: College of Education, Karori Campus, VUW

Thursday November 21st



Speaker: John Macalister

Venue: Wellington High School

2012 Events

Read the WATESOL EXPO Report

Spot prize 1 Spot prize winners
Spot prize winners Think.pair,share
Morning tea Morning tea

Frank Boers Presentation 30 March 2012

Frank and WATESOL co-chairs Frank Boers and members 1
Frank Boers and members 2 WATESOL members 1
Sue McNatty & Leitth Wallace

2011 Events


Shaun Manning and Paul Nation At the Expo
Paul Nation, Nicky Riddiford, Marty Pilott Paul and Nicky - Someone has to win this raffle!


WATESOL Newsletter November 2013

WATESOL Newsletter June 2013

WATESOL Newsletter March 2013

WATESOL Newsletter Sep 2012

WATESOL Newsletter June 2012

WATESOL Newsletter March 2012

WATESOL Report 30 March 2012

WATESOL Annual Report 2012

WATESOL AGM Minutes 2012

WATESOL Financial Report 2012

Watch this space for other events. If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact the WATESOL Chair, Nicky Riddiford

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