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Situational Interest in the ESOL Classroom

Tuesday, October 25th

Mornington Primary School

Moyra Sweetnam-Evans of University of Otago

Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching (iCLT) with Cultural Portfolio Projects

Wednesday, May 10th

University of Otago

Jo Oranje of the University of Otago

Fun & Games in the ESOL Classroom

Wednesday, August 22nd

University of Otago Language Centre

Various Teachers

Pronunciation - What Should We Be Teaching?

Wednesday, October 25th

St Hilda's Collegiate School

Marty Pilott of Whitireia Polytechnic


Our membership is very slightly down this year.

Our meeting program has, I believe, been up to our usual good standard with meetings exploring different ways in which learners can be encouraged to use the language and hence learn it. Moyra Sweetnam-Evans' talk on situational interest in the ESOL classroom reminded us of the power that stories have in enticing students to engage with text. Jo Oranje outlined how interest in cultural practices can stimulate the meaningful use of a second language. Then, various local teachers demonstrated to their peers how games can provide a fruitful context for target language practice. On a related note, tonight, we are going to be listening to Marty Pilott on how to help our students get their messages across clearly.

Our meetings have been, by and large, well attended. I would like to particularly thank English Language Partners for their support of our meeting program. They have provided funding for their teachers and home tutors to attend certain of our meetings.

To view the videos of this year's sessions, go to our Facebook page, TESOLANZ Otago, and click on the appropriate links. These links were also sent to our mailing list.

Looking forward to 2018, our biannual conference, CLESOL, is coming to Christchurch for the first time since 2004. It is a good idea to start planning your attendance. Check out the CLESOL 2018 website at https://www.clesol2018.org.nz/ for information about the date, the theme, the keynote speakers and so on. Watch out for the announcement of 'the call for papers.'

Regarding 2018, our team will again endeavour to bring you a series of insightful talks and workshops. Support us by joining up again via the TESOLANZ website and come along to the meetings. Remember, too, this is your Otago TESOL. It can be what you want it to be, so let us know what your vision is.

Committee News

All of our current committee members have made themselves available again for the 2018 year.

This year we welcomed Gavin Angus to the committee. He has been doing a good job letting us know about the concerns and needs of teachers in the secondary sector and letting them know about Otago TESOL offerings.

Finally, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the committee members for their service and to thank all those who took the time to present at or to attend our meetings over the past year.

OtagoTesol 2015

2015 AGM Reports:

OtagoTesol 2014

AGM and Public Meeting 3, October 21, 2014:

We would like to give special thanks to our committee members Jan Probert, Amber Fraser-Smith and Katherine Curran; all are stepping down from the committee in 2015, so we thank you for your years of service.

Committee members for 2015 were also elected:
Afife Boock, Ruth Groffman, Janice Snowden, Moyra Sweetnam-Evans, Annette Tate, Nicki Ridden Angus, Sonya Hamel, David Woodfield and one new member Anne Switzer.

Public Meeting 3: Responding to Students with Special Needs in the ESOL Classroom

Guest Speakers Karen Wards of SPELD and Carmen Claassen of ISADD gave presentations about the learning needs of students with Dyslexia and Autistic Spectrum Disorders respectively, providing a large amount of new information and strategies for the audience.

Previous Activities in 2014:

Public Meeting 2: Tuesday August 5th, 2014

Public Meeting 1: International Education's Value and Why It Matters Guest Speaker: Sarah Gaultier, Export Education Coordinator, DCC


David Woodfield (President), Sonya Hamel (Secretary), Afife Boock (Treasurer), Katherine Curran, Amber Fraser-Smith, Ruth Groffman, Jan Probert, Nicki Ridden-Angus, Janice Snowden, Moyra Sweetnam-Evans, Annette Tate


Otago TESOL AGM 2013 minutes

Otago TES 2013 Presidents Report

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David Woodfield


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