Welcome to MANATESOL, the Manawatu Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

MANATESOL is actively involved in promoting second language teaching in the Manawatu. We do this through organising regular workshops and seminars featuring some of New Zealand's premier second language educators.

PALMERSTON NORTH, the home city of MANATESOL, has a large non-native English speaking population and a number of centres for second language teaching, linguistics and TESL, including Massey University, Universal College Of Learning, Education Training Consultants (ETC), Queen Elizabeth College and International Pacific College. In addition, the Home Tutor Program and Open Learning Centre have a significant presence in the local TESOL environment. Primary and secondary schools provide support for many children whose parents are associated with these tertiary and PTE establishments.


Chair: Gwenna Finikin email

Secretary:Trish Smart


Treasurer: Jess Yap email

Webpage: Anne McCarthy


1. 27th February: Red Cross Presentation in Awatapu staffroom.
2.4th May: AGM at Hokowhitu primary school.
3. August 10 Presentation: Local, national and international presenters speaking on their chosen topics.
4. October 12 - Gwenna presenting teaching phonics in New Plymouth
5. October 26 - Presentations and a workshop
6. Social events June and November:

A Morning of Research

August 10, 2019

ETC hosted us for guest speakers sharing their research.

Ramola Ladge talked about professional development for tertiary ESOL teachers and the need for it to be planned and formal.

Dr Hilary Smith talked about what lessons have been learned through her work helping in a language revival project in Australia.

Mastura Abd Rahman talked about Afghan refugee background students' experience of schooling in New Zealand and about how we can't think of our students as victims and passive.

A range of faces at the Manatesol morning meeting, 10th August at ETC, where three presenters spoke.

Mini conference and AGM

May 4, 2019

Our Works in Progress mini conference provided a chance for post graduate students and PHD candidates to share their work with a wider audience. The topics were all really interesting and varied across a spectrum of ideas around language learning. It was a fun morning with plenty of opportunities for people to mingle and learn more about what others are doing.

Topics included:

Exploring responses to student ethnic and linguistic diversity in different state secondary school environments in New Zealand: Three case studies - Anne Mc Carthy

Building a corpus of spoken Chinese - Lin Li

"Good on you for doing research - but personally, I just want to focus on being a good teacher." - Hanna Brookie

Teacher Agency in Synchronous Chinese Online Language Teaching - Chujie Dai

How to co-construct ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) between teachers and learners in online language learning. - Shirley (Huang) Huan

You end the way you started": Openings and closings of online synchronous language learning sessions. -Natalia Kurikova

Positive emotions in English Language learning and teaching in Vietnamese contexts. - Hong Thi Anh Nguyen

Language Teacher Agency in Medical English. - Kwan (Kanokphan) Tongpong

The Development of Business English in the Thai Tertiary Context: Current Perspectives and Future Prospect. - Panithi Amatayahul

Also included was Hilary Laracy's thesis on the history and future of the apostrophe. It was interesting learning about the changes over time of the apostrophe use and we all enjoyed noticing the errors in the real-world examples Hilary shared.

It was great to see Hilary make it into the newspapers for her research.

Manatesol End-of Year Gathering

A successful 2018 was celebrated by Manatesol members on the 4th of December, in the form of
pre-dinner drinks at English Language Partners. This was followed by a meal at a local Indian restaurant.
Thank you to all who have contributed this year to support this region's TESOLANZ branch, particularly
consistent care from the Chairperson, Gwenna Finikin.

Manatesol workshop at English Language Partners Taranaki Shares Professional Knowledge

The following report was written by Dana Taylor.

On Saturday, 24 November 2018, MANATESOL members and local English language teachers enjoyed an afternoon of professional learning at a two-hour workshop hosted by English Language Partners (ELP) Taranaki. Dana Taylor from IPU New Zealand Tertiary Institute, Palmerston North and Gwenna Finikin from Hokowhitu School, Palmerston North shared teaching tips and techniques for encouraging students to participate fully in speaking activities and helping young learners pronounce sounds and recognise words accurately.

Dana started off her workshop by having everyone mingle and ask each other questions about speaking activities in the language classroom. Participants then discussed aspects of a successful speaking activity, identified challenges faced by learners when speaking in class, and suggested solutions to encourage all students to contribute. Dana explained the three Ts of speaking activities (relevant and motivating topic, level-appropriate and scaffolded task, and linguistic tools-useful target language structures), before the whole group shared ideas for getting quieter students to interact.

In Gwenna's presentation after the refreshment break, participants heard about the results of a small case study on the effectiveness of teaching low-level learners using synthetic phonics. Gwenna compared these results with those obtained from teaching learners using a more whole language approach. Following her slide show, Gwenna shed light on the different parts of a synthetic phonics lesson and demonstrated how phonics activities can be used with a variety of learners.

Before finishing the workshop, Gwenna and Dana encouraged participants to consider establishing a TESOLANZ local branch in New Plymouth so they could have access to more professional development sessions. Participants were keen to discuss this idea, since they appreciated the useful topics covered in the workshop and the interesting conversations during morning tea and after the session. "I thoroughly enjoyed the TESOLANZ workshop and hope they will do it again next year," said one teacher. ELP Taranaki Centre Manager Yuka Kobayashi was also pleased with the workshop's success and is hoping to host more workshops in New Plymouth in future.

MANATESOL wishes to thank ELP Taranaki for hosting the event and Irene Young for taking these photos during the workshop.

Bereavement notice for Robyn Shaw (26.3.1942 - 5.11.2018)

This notice is for those who were acquainted with Robyn Shaw, an English and ESOL teacher in Wellington and the Manawatu, Robyn passed away on the 5th of November, in the Palmerston North hospital, due to complications from cancer. Her family and friends farewelled her at a service at the Beauchamp Chapel, Palmerston North on the 12th November.

Robyn had a cheerful, outgoing persona, and mixed with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. She was a caring, thoughtful and imaginative teacher whose approach to learning incorporated a whole-person approach. With ESOL in particular, she had a refined awareness of intercultural perspectives, and was able to incorporate these into her teaching methods. Robyn is sadly missed.

Post-CLESOL Meeting

On Saturday, 17th November, members gathered to hear presentations from four speakers who attended the 2018 CLESOL conference in Christchurch. Donna Bliss shared her findings on teacher identity from her Master's thesis. Hannah Brookie clarified the outcomes from her pilot study into migrant settlement experiences, and the challenges they faced to integration with civic and social life, and employment. Averil Coxhead focused on some key findings into vocabulary in classroom and academic spoken English. Nicky Riddiford outlined the challenges migrants face when dealing with phone converations. She analysed the strategies and language that telephone callers use, and provided examples and listening exercises from a newly-created resource designed to help ESOL learners practise telephone skills, and become familiar with the many accents in New Zealand contexts. many thanks to Averil and Nicky for travelling up from Wellington - it is always enlightening to have speakers from inside and outside the region.

Catching the Morning Tea Chat

Former Refugee Panel Session

On Wednesday 26th at 5.30pm, Awatapu College hosted a very successful evening
about former refugees and learning. After refreshments were shared, the formalities began
with Antoinette from the Red Cross outlining the plight of refugees. This was followed
by six other former refugees from Freyberg High, Awatapu High, and Girls High
recounting their personal journeys and answering questions on how teachers could
best approach their learning in classes.
A wide spectrum of educational institutions were represented in the audience, and a variety of
topics were aired. Many thanks to those volunteers who spoke, to the host school teacher Mary, and
presenter Gwenna.

The panel wait for questions.

Th audience listens.


At ELP on June 16th, the Manatesol AGM was conducted between two
Clesol presentations. First was: Dana Taylor on 'Becoming agents
in their vocational learning: English language earners' self-reflection
throughout a workplace training course" and later Gwenna Finikin
gave an address on 'Synthetic Phonics and ELLs." The group agreed
to reposition the refugee presentation possibly in August - DTBC.

Dana delivers her address before the AGM.

Gwenna explains about the benefits of phonics.

2018 Committee Meeting and Proposed Annual Plan

On Sunday, 4th February, a committee meeting was held to plan the year's events. The results are as follows:

MARCH 16th: Lantern Festival shared meal 6-9.30pm at ETC. Speaker will be Suzanne Aldrich on her teaching in Nanjing.

MAY 1st: Call for papers for pre-Clesol presentations.

MAY 15th: Committee meeting 5.30pm at Elms Cafe, Fitzherbert St.

JUNE 16th: 9-12pm Pre-Clesol and AGM. ETC possible venue.

JULY 26th: Committee meeting 5.30pm at the Elm Cafe, Fitzherberts St.

MID-AUGUST: Social Event to be decided.

OCTOBER: Taranaki Manatesol event.

OCTOBER 11th: Committee meeting Elm Cafe, Fitzherbert St.

NOVEMBER 10TH: Post-Clesol Presentations at IPU.

DECEMBER 11th: Xmas meal at Whole Grain Organics.


Saturday 18th November: AGM at ETC English Language School, Square

From 9.30, a series of speakers enlivened us. Gilllian Skyrme gave us a verbal memoir of her experiences
in helping set up English Language Partners nationally, and her subsequent voluntary and career
involvements with second language. Edward Trong Nhan Nguyen, a recent graduate from IPU, then
presented some fun, motivating games that he used when volunteering at the Literacy classes at ELP.
After a delicious morning tea of middle Eastern food from La La Zar Womens' Group from Afghanistan,
Rike Tegge explained some aspects from her doctorate on the use of songs in teaching..
The morning ended with the AGM, where a wide variety of institutions became representative as
committee members for the following year. Congratulations to Gwenna. who retained the Chair role,
to Annette as Secretary, and to Jess as Treasurer.

Jess and la La Zar representative. Waiting for the show to begin.
Morning tea refreshments.

Catching the moment.

Catching up.. Sharing resources.

Passing the bomb.

A listening audience.


This year MANATESOL has had a number of events.
In March James Lowry talked to us about his work with For Better, his charity which
helps to break down barriers in education for students from refugee backgrounds. In May we held a symposium with speakers talking on a number
of topics. Muhammad Raza talked about the refugee experience and his work as a
Red Cross youth worker. Masu recounted her experiences as a secondary school
student in a refugee camp in Thailand. Yaro talked about his experiences as an English
for Employees student at English Language Partners. Mary Cherian-Matthews spoke
about opening her house at Christmas for new New Zealanders. Heather Thomas gave
an update on her PHD research around contemplative teaching across the disciplines
in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Ken Kilpin talked about working on a course for the Chinese
Scholarship Council recipients. August saw us having a social gathering with a talk
from Donna Bliss on her experiences teaching on a short course in China. We then
went to the Mediterranean Food House for a meal. The AGM included Gillian Skyrme
talking about her career in TESOL, Edward Trong Nhan Nguyen sharing teaching resources
and Rike Tegge looking at using songs to support learning. Next year is CLESOL year
so we look forward to having a practise for those who are going to speak and a recap
after the event. I would also like to have something held in Taranaki as we have a
number of members there and we have only had one event there over the last few years.
A big thanks to English Language Partners, Hokowhitu School and ETC for their generosity
and hospitality, the speakers who have given their time during the year and the committee
for all their hard work.
Gwenna Finikin MANATESOL Chair

Friday August 25th: DINNER and RECOLLECTIONS


On Friday evening, Donna Bliss informed and entertained Manatesol members with her recollections of
teaching for 12 weeks in Shanghai at a secondary girl's school. As the Curriculum Co-ordinator at PaCE,
Massey, Palmerston North, Donna had created a syllabus for 18yr olds interested in coming to Massey
University to learn. She explained the impact of her Western teaching techniques on both the Shanghai
teachers and students, in the context of local cultural and learning practices which she found interesting.
Overall, she felt the experience to be stimulating and eye-opening.
After the presentation, audience members walked from the English Learning Partners site, to a new
Mediterranean diner, where we enjoyed a mix of Turkish, Jordanian and Italian food.
Thank you to the committee and Donna for organizing this event, which left the audience reflecting on
possibilities of combining future travel and second language learning experiences, for themselves.

Saturday May 27th-MINI SYMPOSIUM

On Saturday morning, Hokowhitu primary school became the site for the Manatesol mini-symposium.

over the morning, to hear different speakers. Overall, the group presenters had a thematic focus of either

academic or community involvements.One of the first presenters was Heather Thomas discussing her

doctoral work on Mindfulness, and how it can foster reflectivity, emotional resilience and creativity in

After fuelling with beverages, attendees had the choice to split into one of two groups, repeated three times

second language teaching. As well, Masu described her experiences as a secondary school student in a

refugee camp in Thailand, in contrast to adult education at English Language Partners locally.

The second round consisted of refugee-migrant background Muhammed Raza and his work as a Red Cross

Youth Co-Ordinator. Raza had previously set up a Profession Education Network (PEN) in England, to help

Pakistani migrants access support. Also, Ukraine migrant Yaro described his experiences as a student in

the English for Employees evening class, taught by Trish Smart, at English Language Partners. After

refreshments, the last round included Ken Kilpin describing his work organising and managing a 3-6 month

curriculum course for China Scholarship Council scholarship recipients. These were Chinese lecturers and

scholars interested in increasing their useof interactive teaching strategies, while also understanding New

Zealand educational pedagogy. In addition, Further, Mary Matthews recounted her experiences of attending

a 2016 Christmas festival with families of refugees.Many thanks to the committee for organising this event,

and to the presenters for their input. We look forward to a future guest speaker event in July.

Muhammed Raza answers a question.

Yaro explains his experiences.

Masu recalls.

Ken prepares for his talk.

Jess and Mary explain.

The audience listens.

The audience responds.

Heather refers to the power-point.


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