Welcome to MANATESOL, the Manawatu Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

MANATESOL is actively involved in promoting second language teaching in the Manawatu. We do this through organising regular workshops and seminars featuring some of New Zealand's premier second language educators.

PALMERSTON NORTH, the home city of MANATESOL, has a large non-native English speaking population and a number of centres for second language teaching, linguistics and TESL, including Massey University, Universal College Of Learning, Education Training Consultants (ETC), Queen Elizabeth College and International Pacific College. In addition, the Home Tutor Program and Open Learning Centre have a significant presence in the local TESOL environment. Primary and secondary schools provide support for many children whose parents are associated with these tertiary and PTE establishments.


Chair: Gwenna Finikin email

Secretary: Annette

Treasurer: Jess Yap email

Webpage: Anne McCarthy


Saturday 18th November: AGM at ETC English Language School, Square

From 9.30, a series of speakers enlivened us. Gilllian Skyrme gave us a verbal memoir of her experiences
in helping set up English Language Partners nationally, and her subsequent voluntary and career
involvements with second language. Edward Trong Nhan Nguyen, a recent graduate from IPU, then
presented some fun, motivating games that he used when volunteering at the Literacy classes at ELP.
After a delicious morning tea of middle Eastern food from La La Zar Womens' Group from Afghanistan,
Rike Tegge explained some aspects from her doctorate on the use of songs in teaching..
The morning ended with the AGM, where a wide variety of institutions became representative as
committee members for the following year. Congratulations to Gwenna. who retained the Chair role,
to Annette as Secretary, and to Jess as Treasurer.

Jess and la La Zar representative.
Waiting for the show to begin.

Morning tea refreshments.

Catching the moment.

Catching up..
Sharing resources.

Passing the bomb.

A listening audience.


This year MANATESOL has had a number of events.
In March James Lowry talked to us about his work with For Better, his charity which
helps to break down barriers in education for students from refugee backgrounds. In May we held a symposium with speakers talking on a number
of topics. Muhammad Raza talked about the refugee experience and his work as a
Red Cross youth worker. Masu recounted her experiences as a secondary school
student in a refugee camp in Thailand. Yaro talked about his experiences as an English
for Employees student at English Language Partners. Mary Cherian-Matthews spoke
about opening her house at Christmas for new New Zealanders. Heather Thomas gave
an update on her PHD research around contemplative teaching across the disciplines
in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Ken Kilpin talked about working on a course for the Chinese
Scholarship Council recipients. August saw us having a social gathering with a talk
from Donna Bliss on her experiences teaching on a short course in China. We then
went to the Mediterranean Food House for a meal. The AGM included Gillian Skyrme
talking about her career in TESOL, Edward Trong Nhan Nguyen sharing teaching resources
and Rike Tegge looking at using songs to support learning. Next year is CLESOL year
so we look forward to having a practise for those who are going to speak and a recap
after the event. I would also like to have something held in Taranaki as we have a
number of members there and we have only had one event there over the last few years.
A big thanks to English Language Partners, Hokowhitu School and ETC for their generosity
and hospitality, the speakers who have given their time during the year and the committee
for all their hard work.
Gwenna Finikin MANATESOL Chair

Friday August 25th: DINNER and RECOLLECTIONS


On Friday evening, Donna Bliss informed and entertained Manatesol members with her recollections of
teaching for 12 weeks in Shanghai at a secondary girl's school. As the Curriculum Co-ordinator at PaCE,
Massey, Palmerston North, Donna had created a syllabus for 18yr olds interested in coming to Massey
University to learn. She explained the impact of her Western teaching techniques on both the Shanghai
teachers and students, in the context of local cultural and learning practices which she found interesting.
Overall, she felt the experience to be stimulating and eye-opening.
After the presentation, audience members walked from the English Learning Partners site, to a new
Mediterranean diner, where we enjoyed a mix of Turkish, Jordanian and Italian food.
Thank you to the committee and Donna for organizing this event, which left the audience reflecting on
possibilities of combining future travel and second language learning experiences, for themselves.

Saturday May 27th-MINI SYMPOSIUM

On Saturday morning, Hokowhitu primary school became the site for the Manatesol mini-symposium.

over the morning, to hear different speakers. Overall, the group presenters had a thematic focus of either

academic or community involvements.One of the first presenters was Heather Thomas discussing her

doctoral work on Mindfulness, and how it can foster reflectivity, emotional resilience and creativity in

After fuelling with beverages, attendees had the choice to split into one of two groups, repeated three times

second language teaching. As well, Masu described her experiences as a secondary school student in a

refugee camp in Thailand, in contrast to adult education at English Language Partners locally.

The second round consisted of refugee-migrant background Muhammed Raza and his work as a Red Cross

Youth Co-Ordinator. Raza had previously set up a Profession Education Network (PEN) in England, to help

Pakistani migrants access support. Also, Ukraine migrant Yaro described his experiences as a student in

the English for Employees evening class, taught by Trish Smart, at English Language Partners. After

refreshments, the last round included Ken Kilpin describing his work organising and managing a 3-6 month

curriculum course for China Scholarship Council scholarship recipients. These were Chinese lecturers and

scholars interested in increasing their useof interactive teaching strategies, while also understanding New

Zealand educational pedagogy. In addition, Further, Mary Matthews recounted her experiences of attending

a 2016 Christmas festival with families of refugees.Many thanks to the committee for organising this event,

and to the presenters for their input. We look forward to a future guest speaker event in July.

Muhammed Raza answers a question.

Yaro explains his experiences.

Masu recalls.

Ken prepares for his talk.

Jess and Mary explain.

The audience listens.

The audience responds.

Heather refers to the power-point.

March 19th: Advertisement for ALANZ for any interested parties.

March 10

We had a meet and greet hosted by English Language Partners Palmerston North.
Our guest speaker was James Lowry of 'For Better' works to break down barriers in education for children from a refugee background. James is looking for support to crowd fund this charity. He and his team are doing a great job and his web page is well worth a look.

Proposed Calendar for 2017

May 27th: Commmunity ESOL Symposium at 9.30am at Hokowhitu school

August 25th: working in China - Talk and dinner at ELP with Donna Bliss

November 11th: AGM with guest speaker TBA


2016 Calendar

March 18: Meet and Greet. 6 pm. English Language Partners Palmerston North rooms. Bring a plate for dinner.

June 11. Mini-Conference – Practice for presenters with feedback.

July 14-17 CLESOL

August 20: Post CLESOL mini-conference and AGM.

October 15: Post graduate updates presentations.

November: ALANZ Symposium. MANATESOL members are invited.

November 25: End of year meal.


Previous Events

The MANATESOL AGM was held on Saturday November 7 in the Awatapu College Staffroom.
Our guest presenter was Tan Bee Tin speaking on the topic of
Promoting learners' creative language use: Broadening possibilities within constraint.
Her talk was very interesting and included the tidbit that we can be more creative when we are given tighter rules to work around.

Minutes and reports are below.

September 12

Angela Bland came from Christchurch to talk to us about her work as HOD of Riccarton High School in Christchurch.
Angela does some amazing and progressive work with her students and we enjoyed hearing about this.
The talk gave us opportunities to share ideas and a lot of links were made.

Dinner at Indian Summer

We met at Indian Summer on August 5. The food, as always, was wonderful.

Mini Symposium

We had our mini symposium on June 6 at IPC. It was a great event with many wonderful speakers.

Social Event

We had a shared dinner on March 20 at English Language Partners Palmerston North (above Pompeii Pizzas). We heard about teaching overseas compared to teaching in New Zealand and learned about the lantern festival and the year of the sheep. Some of us then joined in the lantern festival in The Square which marked the start off our city's festival of cultures for 2015.

Left: Our first committee meeting.
A tea tasting at our chair's house.


MANATESOL AGMWe shared our favourite resources before our AGM. Thanks to Gillian Skyrme for facilitating and Awapuni College for hosting.

MANATESOL Work in Progress Morning

Was held on Saturday 30th August at PaCE, Hokowhitu Campus.

It was interesting hearing about different pieces of research and a great opportunity to network and to discuss our own educational journeys.


We joined English Language Partners for Matariki celebrations on June 30. We shared dinner then watched a presentation about our refugee and migrant learners. We then learnt to sing "Pakipaki".

Pre-CLESOL Taster

On Saturday, June 21 we had a CLESOL taster and practise. Thanks to ETC for hosting us.



Lantern Festival
On March 21 English Language Partners kindly hosted us for a pot-luck dinner. We socialised as the music from the festival in The Square started up. Emily and Ben talked about teaching in Asia ( then Agnes talked about the lantern festival and how it is celebrated in her part of China. We then strolled downstairs to enjoy the bands and parade of Palmerston North's Lantern Festival as part of the Festival of Cultures.

We had a meet-and-greet potluck at our chair, Anne McCarthy's, house. It was a good way to start the year.


Gwenna Finikin (secretary)


See Contacts for full contact details.


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Kerstin Dofs came from Christchurch for our AGM. She taught us about self-access centres and learner autonomy.This was brilliant and gave us much food for thought.
ETC supplied the real food and it was delicious.

Kerstin Dofs


The MANATESOL Mini-conference was held Saturday, October 12, 2013 at IPC.

The Keynote speaker was Alyson McGee and we had nine others also speaking.

MANATESOL Mini-conderence Teaching in action
The second CLESOL recycling day

This was a great success with Penny Haworth talking about perceptions of individual and collective teaching efficacy in schools with English language learners

and Hilary Smith talking about meeting the challenges of English language teaching in areas of international development.

We had a meet-and-greet potluck at Gillian's house. Too much food was eaten by all.

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