TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages International Association.) is a well-established organisation based in the USA. It has a very well regarded academic journal (TESOL Quarterly) which has, over the years, published a number of landmark articles. It also holds an annual Convention.

TESOLANZ is an affiliate of TESOL, but it is a separate organisation and you must join TESOL to become a member.

Call for New Member of Affiliate Leadership Council

The TESOL Affiliate Leadership Council (ALC) is now accepting expressions of interest. The ALC represents affiliates and works with affiliates and others in TESOL to organize events and address affiliate issues and concerns. If you are interested in having a stronger voice in TESOL affiliate programming, the Council is eager to have you on board! The call for candidates and the application process can be found online. The deadline to submit applications is 30 October. You're encouraged to pass this message on to previous leaders from your association's Board of Directors who may be interested in serving on the council.

Please reply privately to Valerie with any questions.


TESOL Launches New Online Self-Study Courses

TESOL International Association has launched two new online self-study courses, Fundamentals of TESOL and Teaching and Assessing Adult Learners. Each course is designed so that participants can have an individualized professional learning experience set at their own pace. Participants can register at any time and have three months from the time of enrolment to complete the course. Those who successfully complete a course will receive a certificate of completion.
Fundamentals of TESOL is designed for current or prospective teachers and administrators who have little or no formal training in English Language Teaching. The first half of the course will be spent learning theories of language, language learning, and teaching. The second half of the course will be spent understanding how classrooms and lessons should function.
Teaching and Assessing Adult Learners is designed for current or prospective teachers and administrators on the fundamentals of teaching and assessing adult language learners. Participants will learn the principles of adult education, as well as techniques and methods for teaching language skills, vocabulary, and grammar to adult learners in ESL and EFL contexts.
For more information on these courses, please visit or contact


For anyone interested in new ways of improving the way they teach English pronunciation, the 5 week EVO session 'Teaching Pronunciation Differently' is starting again on 11th January 2016. It is moderated by three experienced teachers, and deals with important aspects of English pronunciation that are rarely covered in courses. For example, every language has a different basic setting for the tongue, jaw, lips, etc and if this setting is taught explicitly, students' accents improve immediately. Other topics include how to teach the Stress & Reduction system from an articulatory perspective and how to teach sounds without just modelling them (i.e not by 'listen and repeat').

EVO (Electronic Village Online) was created by TESOL's Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section. It has been offering free, open online professional development workshops to teachers of English around the world since 2001, whether or not they are TESOL members.

Participants may choose the level of involvement that works for them. Most of the activity is offline, so you can participate when it is convenient for you. Note that sessions carry no academic credit.

To register for 'Teaching Pronunciation Differently' go here and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Further information about TESOL:

TESOL Convention 2007

The 41st Annual TESOL Convention was held from 21-24 March 2007, in Seattle, Washington.

Report to TESOL 2006

2006 Affiliate Report to TESOL


IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) is also a well-established organisation based in the UK. It also has a well-regarded journal (ELT Journal) and holds an annual conference.

TESOLANZ is an affiliate of IATEFL , but it is a separate organisation and you must join IATEFL to become a member.

As a TESOLANZ member, you can join IATEFL (the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) at the special discounted rate. This entitles you to Basic Membership - you receive the regular magazines (Voices), discounts to conferences and publications etc - the main things that a Basic Membership doesn't include are membership of a Special Interest Group and the book of highlights from the annual Conference). If you would like to take up the Basic Membership, please email TESOLANZ president Daryl Streat

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