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Special Membership Arrangements

For Graduates

Special offer for recent TESOL graduates - free membership for one year!  For information please read Graduates join free.

Nominations for Life Membership

Information on Life Membership 

Five for four discount - new deal for institutional invoicing

If an institution pays for its members,  five members can be registered for the price of four.
  • Each member registers individually
  • Each member requests that TESOLANZ invoice the institution and ticks "five for four".
  • An invoice will be sent when five registrations have been received.

Proxy Membership

TESOLANZ Branches may allow proxies to attend instead of named members. This is useful for groups who don't all want to be individual members. To do this, an individual membership is taken out for one person, but the group can send a list of its members to the local branch, who will allow any one of the list to attend as a member.

See proxy membership for a full explanation.

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