National Executive

TESOLANZ is run by a National Executive elected from the membership every year at the Annual General Meeting, as per the TESOLANZ Constitution. The Executive consists of an elected President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and three other members. Up to five other members may be co-opted as necessary for special responsibilities, or geographical or sector coverage (see Responsibilities).


The Executive has at least one face-to-face meeting per year, plus other meetings by Skype. Branches are notified two weeks in advance. All minutes and associated documents are available below. For further information contact the Secretary.

Executive 2017-8

Meeting 7 August 2018
NZCEL Letter to NZQA
Minutes Financial Report NZCEL for secondary schools

Meeting 11 June 2018


Minutes Financial Report

Meeting 10 April 2018

Minutes Balance Sheet Special Project Fund

Profit & Loss

Meeting 23 January 2018

Minutes Financial Report Update Report

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss

Executive 2016-17

Meeting 24 August 2017

Meeting 20 May 2017

Email Meeting 27-28 April 2017

Meeting 20 February 2017

President's Report
Publications Report

Meeting 29 November 2016

President's Report
Project Funding ProposalFeb 2017 Working Party Financial Report

Meeting 24 September 2016

Agenda Minutes
President's Report
Primary SIG Statement
Report from SIGs
Secondary SIG Minutes
Profit and Loss (1)
Cash Summary (2) Balance Sheet (2)
Asia Pacific LSP 2017 Brochure
Branches Report
Website Statistics

Meeting (Post AGM) 17 July 2016


Executive 2015-6

Meeting 10 April 2016

Minutes Financial Report
Guidelines for TESOLANZ Expenses
Publications Report
Branches Report
Primary Sig Report
Secondary SIG Report Tertiary SIG Report
President's Report

Meeting 26 January 2016


Financial Report

President's Report

Website and Dropbox

Meeting at AGM 17 October 2015


Executive 2014-5

Meeting 15 August 2015



Financial Report

President's Report

Publications Report

Constitutional Change Remit for AGM

SIG Report

ESOL Teaching

Branches and other involvement Report Website Report Website Membership System

Meeting 28 March 2015



Financial Report

Branches Report

Publications Report

Subject Association Report

SIG Report

Project Funding Proposal

IATEFL Associate Agreement

Meeting pix

Hilary and Margaret Annette and Angela
Angela Sue
Denise and Marty Deryn
Margaret and Denise

Meeting 10 February 2015



Financial Report

President's Report

Branches Report

Publications Report

SIG Report

Website Report

Meeting 6 October 2014



Financial Report

President's Report

Branches Report

Publications Report

Affiliates Report

Website Report

CLESOL 2016 Report.

CLESOL - Accounts 2014 (reviewed)

CLESOL - Accounts 2014 (update)

Executive 2013-14

Meeting 12 July 2014


Meeting 26 May 2014

Minutes Financial Report President's Report

Response from Ethnic Affairs_

Response from Phil Goff
re Ethnic Affairs_15-05-14

Meeting 8 March 2014

Minutes Financial Report President's Report
Publications Affiliates Website


TESOLANZ response re jury service 05-03-14 Summary Tertiary teaching qualifications review

Steven Joyce response re ESOL funding 18-12-13

Meeting 3 December 2013

Minutes Financial Report President's Report
CLESOL update Publications Report Website report
Affiliates Report

Meeting 5 October 2013

NOTE: This meeting took place immediately after the 2013 AGM. so for reports see under AGM 2013.

Minutes Financial Reports

Executive 2012-13

Meeting 13 August 2013

Minutes Financial Report President's Report
Branch Report SIG Report Website report
Teacher Competency Report TOR

Meeting 22 June 2013

Minutes Financial report June 2013 Primary SIG report
President's Report Secondary SIG funding project Secondary SIG report
CLESOL 2014 update Branch Report Tertiary SIG report
Publications Report Website report

Meeting 20 April 2013

TZ Exec Minutes 20 April 2013 Financial report end 2012 updated Branch Report
CLESOL 2012 summary report TESOL 2013 report Publications
Response to jury summons form

Meeting 13 February 2013

Minutes ALTANZ affiliation request Financial report February 2013
Website statistics Feb 2013

Meeting 17 November 2012


Financial Report

ALTANZ Affiliation request

TESOLANZ website statistics Nov 2012

Guidelines for organising CLESOL conferences_121112

President's report for November meeting

Report on Publicity for the CLESOL Conference

Publication Report for Nov 2012

TESOLANZ Secondary SIG Special Project Funding Proposal 2012

TESOLANZ & globe logos

Primary SIG Secondary SIG Tertiary SIG

Executive 2011-12

Meeting 22 August 2012


Financial report (amended)

Website report

Branch Report

Meeting 26 May 2012

Face-to-Face meeting 26 May 2012

Financial Report May 26 2012

Publications Report May 26

Secretary/Webmaster report May 26 2012

Meeting 11 March 2012

Skype meeting 11 March 2012

Financial Report March 2012

Face-to-face meeting 26 November 2011

Financial report 18 November 2011

Meeting after AGM 8 October 2011

Executive 2010-11

Skype meeting 23 July 2011

Face-to-face meeting 30 April 2011

Skype meeting 2 February 2011

Face-to-face meeting 20 November 2010

Meeting after AGM 3 Oct 2010

Executive 2009-10

Skype meeting 22 July 2010 Minutes

Face-to-face meeting (Auckland) 17 April 2010 Minutes

Skype meeting 8 February 2010 Minutes

Skype meeting 15 November 2009 Minutes

Older documents are Word unless otherwise marked

Executive 2008-9

Skype meeting 30 August Minutes

Skype meeting 30 June Minutes

Skype Meeting 5 May 2009 Minutes

Face-to-face meeting, Auckland, 8 March 2009

For the letter sent to NZQA on course approvals for international students, see the Policy page.

Skype meeting 29 Oct-11 Nov 2008

Post-AGM meeting 5 Oct 2008

Executive 2007-8

Skype meeting 1 September 2008

Skype meeting 28 July 2008

Skype meeting 26 May 2008

Skype meeting 31 March 2008

Skype meeting 11 February 2008

Face-to-face meeting Friday 23 November 2007

Executive 2006-7

Exec minutes 16 June 2007

Exec Decisions March 2007

Partial Exec Minutes 27 Feb 07

Special Projects

Reports on funding for branch Special Projects can be found on the Branches page.

Membership review

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