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Daryl Streat

MA (TESOL), Grad Dip Business, BSc, CELTA


I was born in Lower Hutt, but was raised in Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, and Austria. I returned to New Zealand for a brief period to complete my initial tertiary studies, and since then I’ve lived in Taiwan, returning to New Zealand in 2015. I am currently Head of Programme for pre-degree English Language (EAP) at Lincoln University, in Te Wai Pounamu (the South Island) of Aotearoa (New Zealand). My background is in TESOL and I’ve worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, and academic manager across a range of sectors.

My primary interests are in the areas of international student experience and TESOL leadership/advocacy. I have a strong desire to ensure, in my current working context, to make the utmost effort to ensure that the academic and social needs of our newest residents are met. In addition, I keenly believe that the role of the TESOL practitioner is becoming increasingly important, requiring a more central role in educational delivery and planning. I am a strong advocate of the appropriate use of technology to enhance learning opportunities.

I affirm that there is a strong need for language policy in Aotearoa to continue the regeneration of te reo Māori, strengthen the position of New Zealand Sign Language, and support the maintenance of minority languages. In conjunction with this, language policy and planning must support the development of English proficiency to ensure the success of all in both education and society.

Finally, as interim president of TESOLANZ, I will continue the work of past presidents and serve the stakeholders in the TESOL sector.


Marty Pilott

MA(Hons), DipTchg, DipTESL, DipMgt, CertPubPol

Membership, Secretary, Web Liaison

I have just completed a doctorate on the features of pronunciation needed by migrants to integrate into NZ society and find work and have been on the TESOLANZ Exec since 1996 as either President or Secretary plus web manager or liaison.

Since I was 16 I have been an incorrigible etymologist, phonologist and acquirer of languages, dictionaries and unusual words (I have discovered that I am ambisinistrous, which means equally clumsy with both hands!) After studying languages and linguistics I spent three years OE living in various Asian countries. My first teaching experience was for the British Council in Esfahan, Iran. I have taught secondary English and written and edited English textbooks, but have worked in ESOL since 1990 when I joined WATESOL and have written How to Teach a Language. I have taught at WelTec, was a TEC advisor for two years and managed two Wellington PTEs. I have been on a range of government committees and have run workshops at most CLESOL conferences. I am now Programme Manager for ESOL at Whitireia Community Polytechnic.

Outside of TESOL I enjoying collecting and restoring old dictionaries, Toastmasters, acting, and driving a Suzuki Boulevard cruiser.


Shireen Junpath

BA, BA Honours, PG Dip, PG Dip TESSOL, M.Ed (Hons)

I am a Professional Teaching Fellow in the Teaching and Learning Unit of the Business School at the University of Auckland. In my current role I am part of the First Year Experience project which involves providing Academic Skills support for undergraduate and postgraduate students. A key focus of the role is to provide the context through which the needs of our diverse group of first year students in study skills; cognitive processes; language skills and linguistics can be addressed. Other dimensions of my role include Training and Mentoring Graduate Teaching Assistants.

My teaching journey began in South Africa where I taught English at secondary level and served as an external examiner for English for the National Matriculation Examination. In New Zealand I taught at both primary and secondary schools where my responsibilities included being Assistant Head of English, Teacher in charge of Literacy and Associate teacher to trainee teachers. As Teacher in charge of Literacy I worked with staff in developing a language across the curriculum programme. I am passionate about language teaching and learning and this commitment encouraged me to complete a Master’s degree in Education and the Grad Dip TESSOL at the University of Auckland.

In South Africa, I was actively involved in the promotion of language and served on a number of community-based cultural bodies including a national body involved with the promotion of language and culture. A key responsibility of this role included presenting a children’s programme in Hindi and English on a radio station. This was a rewarding experience as I had the opportunity to inspire young learners of Hindi.

I have been a TESOLANZ member for a number of years and I look forward to serving on the National Executive as Treasurer.


Angela Bland

MA TESOL, PG Dip SLT, Grad Dip TchLn

Branch Liaison

I began ESOL tutoring in 1993 for the ESOL Home Tutor Scheme in Invercargill. I did my time for two years in the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme where I started my PG DipSLT. I next spent two years in Cuenca, Ecuador as a teacher, Director of English and teacher trainer at Centro De Estudios Interamericanos. I returned to New Zealand in 1999 with an Ecuadorian husband. I eventually got a ‘real’ teaching qualification (Grad DipTchLn) in 2001. Among other teaching roles, I taught for 4 years from 2002 at the English Language Centre at University of Canterbury before I entered the secondary sector in 2006. I finished my MA TESOL through Victoria University in 2007. I also trained as a Specific Learning Disabilities teacher with Seabrook Mckenzie Centre. I am currently the HOD ESOL at Riccarton High School in Christchurch where I was employed to develop an Intensive English Programme. At home, Spanish and English are a first and second language while my son also has a mostly language specific learning disability. He is ORRS funded. It is a progressive time in the secondary literacy and ESOL sector, but there is still a lot of focused lobbying to be done within our own schools and nationally to gain equity for ELLs from Year 9 to 13. At present I am enjoying being active in a Pasifika Network Learning Community, trialling two Level 4 EAP standards, always improving our Intensive English Programme and ensuring our ELLs are informed of their progress and understand Level 1 and Level 2 literacy pathways.


Annette Tate

M Ed, Trained teachers’ certificate (TTC) endorsed with Speech Therapy; CTEFLA (Cambridge); Graduate Diploma in TESSOL


Kia ora

I came to ESOL teaching fairly recently after working as a speech language therapist and special needs teacher for many years. Once I began ESOL teaching in a large Auckland primary school I quickly realised I needed to learn more and completed my Graduate Diploma in TESSOL at the University of Auckland. Once this was finished a wonderful year as a primary ESOL facilitator at Team Solutions followed, working with teachers and English language learners all over Auckland. After a move to Dunedin with my husband in 2011 I completed my M Ed in online English language learning.

Being involved in English language teaching has given me the joy of meeting and working alongside many wonderful students and teachers. The TESOLANZ website states the purpose of the association is to promote the interests of English language learners and teachers, and that is a goal that resonates with my heart.


Breda Matthews

SIG Liaison

Breda Matthews works as teacher and ESOL facilitator. She has been a member of NZQA project advisory groups and panels developing EAP, ESOL and English language unit standards. She has also worked as an ESOL and English language unit standards NZQA moderator. She has developed assessment resources and teaching and learning materials for ESOL, English Language and EAP standards for both NZQA and the Ministry of Education. She currently runs her own company providing professional development and assessment resources and works part time at Massey University, Albany Campus.


Erina Hunt


Erina is thrilled to be handed the baton of editing care for the TESOLANZ newsletter and is grateful to be working alongside Annette Tate in her final issue as editor.

Erina is a senior teacher at the University of Otago Foundation Studies and Language Centre. She was born in the UK where she returned to study journalism in 1983. After working in print media in Australia and NZ, and with young family commitments, she retrained in TEFL and primary teaching, but has mostly worked in the ESL/EFL tertiary sector. Erina has taught in a variety of international contexts, such as bilingual team-teaching experience in the northeast of Thailand, establishing an entry English language school in Baoding, China, and tertiary EAP teaching in Akita, Japan. She has presented at international conferences in Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey, Indonesia and New Zealand. Her other roles include auditor for English New Zealand and a director of AllWriteNZ Ltd – a company specialising in ESL editing and proofing, and writes ESL resource material for the international market, including “Partners in the Classroom: Collaborative English Language Teaching and Learning Projects”, the co-author with whom she also received the “Education NZ International Education Excellence Award” in 2004.

Her professional passions lie in teacher training and curriculum development with a focus on collaborative team teaching and project-based learning. Outside of the classroom Erina’s other passions are travel writing, vegan cooking, collecting Oceanic art, massage therapy and organic gardening.



Jane Dudley
Membership Secretary
Athlyn Watt
Secondary SIG Coordinator
Gwenna Finikin
Primary SIG Coordinator
Tel. 021 144 5635

Gillian Skyrme
Tertiary SIG Coordinator

Elizabeth Brugh
Web Manager
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