Friday 1 October – Monday 4 October 2010
King’s High School, Dunedin, New Zealand

The 12th National Conference for Community Languages and ESOL, brought to you by TESOLANZ (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages New Zealand) Inc. and CLANZ (Community Languages Association New Zealand), was held in Dunedin, New Zealand from Friday 1 October to Monday 4 October 2010.

Report on conference - Kathy Parker

Conference Proceedings

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Title: CLESOL 2010: Proceedings of the 12th National Conference for Community Languages and ESOL

Editor: Anne Feryok

Date:  October 2010

ISSN 2230-5831

TESOLANZ and the presenters


0 Cover & Contents

1 Introduction. Context and communication pp. 1-3

2 Andrew. “You really can practice English in real life” pp. 4-16

3 Sellars. An investigation into achievement levels of Somali and other EAL students pp.17-36

4 Shackleford&Riley. Reducing student anxiety pp. 37-46

5 Dofs & Hobbs How can Independent Learning Centres mediate language learning and communication pp. 47-54

6 Riazi & Rezaii. Teacher- and peer-scaffolding behaviors  pp. 55-63

7 White. What lecturers really require  pp. 64-73

8 Parkinson. How we use language for reasoning  pp. 74-84

9 Syn. Assessing student reaction to teacher written feedback  pp.  85-96

10 Behrend. Noting the flaws  pp. 97-107

11 Zahidi. Self-regulated learning strategies of Malaysian tertiary-level learners  pp.108-117

12 Smith. Bringing models to life

13 Onoda. An Interactive Approach to Teaching of Media English

Published with kind permission of the presenters

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