2002 Papers

Lesley Riley - Informing second language teaching practice through materials evaluation.

Aiqun Li. - Language learning beliefs and learning strategies of ethnic Chinese ESOL students - a pilot study.

Aubrey Welsh- Homestay : The Perceptions of International Students at a tertiary institution in New Zealand.

Duong thi Hoang Oanh- The Influence of Educational Structures and Community Values On Classroom Dynamics at a University in Hue, Vietnam.

Koichi Tanaka- Effects of Study Abroad Experience on Learners' beliefs about Language Learning and Their Language Proficiency: A Study of Japanese ESL Students in New Zealand.

Nigel Pearson. Using Computers to Supplement Language Instruction. (Integrating the development of IT skills and language proficiency)

Ruth Penton- Improving the Achievement ot Secondary NESB and International Students in Mainstream Classes.

Christian Chia Shyh Chiuan - PRC scholars' beliefs in collaborative learning, peer feedback and the role ofthe teacher. Available in PowerPoint from the author by email at

Pictures from CLESOL 2002

The Dance

The Dance

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The Dinner






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